Tips to Market Your Business With Business Card

Do you know how important is it to have your business card with you at all times? Even if you have the most eye-catching card printed and you keep them sitting in the box, it will do you no good in terms of cost and productivity. It does not only act as a billboard of your business, it represents the professionalism of your business and you as a whole.

Here are some great tips to help you market your business with business cards:

Always have some business cards with you
Do keep some in your purse, pocket or in the car, be it during or after working hours as you’ll never know who you might bump into. Always remember to have them with you so that you could distribute it to people as a way of introducing yourself to others.

Drop your business card in the mailbox around the neighborhood, schools and restaurants
This method may be useful if your business is focusing at certain residential areas. If you’re offering plumbing services for example, have someone to distribute your business cards around the area, people may be interested in having your service in the near future. If you happen to walk into any restaurants or bars with a fishbowl in place, drop one in.

Have your staff to distribute the business cards
From the highest ranking right down to the lowest ranking employees, they should have their own sets of cards with their name and contact details printed. You could make use of their contacts to introduce your services or products as a way of generating more business quickly.

Create an alternative card instead of the conventional business card
Nowadays, business card does not necessarily consists only your name and contact details. It can also be designed and printed as a coupon card, discount card, bookmark and calendar. This is a great way to encourage people to remember your business by keeping the card instead of ending up in their trash cans.

Design it professionally
If you do not have the skill to design business card yourself, please seek for advice from a professional graphic designer to get ideas on the design. An ugly looking business card will reflect your professionalism, thus, giving you a minor advantage among competitors in the field.